I'm Too Different To Connect With People

I think my being a loner stems from most people being self centered. I'm the type of person who will listen to people and at least try to take interest in whatever their hobbies are. People never do the same thing for me. They just like to blab on and on about themselves.

What else makes it hard to connect with people is I'm a pretty gamer chick. Girls are either catty towards me or they don't wanna talk when they figure out that I'm a tomboy. I'll listen to their grand story of the great deal they got on shoes but they don't wanna hear that I can't wait till Fallout New Vegas is coming out. Then there are guys. Either they play games and hit on me (even though they know I'm married) or they don't take me seriously and won't let me be one of the guys. I just don't fit in with anyone.

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OMG I know what you mean! Seriously, one time one of my cockatiels layed eggs and I tried to tell a friend and I couldn't finish my sentense because, "ugh, I dont' like birds they're nasty!"<br />
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At times when I would notice they didn't give a **** about what I'm saying and would through in random giberish that would be unoticed.

i know what u-all mean! you call up ur friend cause you would just love to say, hey! my bird layed an egg and you dont even get past my bird la---and they are all over you with a-z. and even if you can get a word in edgewise, cant u just feel their tension ..............holding in what they wanna say so they dont forget and godforbid actually hear what i say? did u ever try throwing in, wow look at that car its on fire and they just keep runnin on and on.. rofl...............and try asking a question!!!!! lol, they just keep going...and get mad at you if you ask them if they heard you and why didnt they answr you!!! anyone else relate? i promise, i listen.

Can't blame you, I can't wait for Fallout: New Vegas too!

sheekygirl, I'm pretty much the same way. Always take care of my appearence and dress cute but not to a point where it takes me more than 20 minutes to get ready. I love the natural look.<br />
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love the quote harry. sounds like a you have a couple good friends in your life. you're lucky :) Fallout New Vegas is a sequil to Fallout 3 which is a post apocoliptic game. A first person shooter/rpg. Its pretty fun.

"I am a loner who is hardly alone" is a quote from a song by a great friend of mine. He is passionate about guitar tabs and whole sonnatas etc. I completely identify with that quote and I applaud him recognising this fact. I am alone in the sense that I have friends but they are all grown up in the world and they get on with their own lives. I feel left behind in a sense but that's my own selfish fault. I suppose I expect everyone to drop everything and rush over to my house now that I've been ill, but the truth is that my friend has just had a baby and I should be the one visiting them really.<br />
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But they talk about themselves all the time, yet my friend actually asks me alot of questions so he doesn't really bang on about himself all the time. He is kind and good to me, and whenever I feel on my own I think of him. Plus I have my mum, and if anything happened to her I'd be gutted because basically I'd have no-one to talk to in the house.<br />
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Right that's enough of me, I feel self-centred now I've talked about myself. What you are all saying is that you want more company and people to take and interest in your life. They should lend an ear and listen to the problems you are experiencing. I'd love to know what Fallout Las Vegas is about.....