Party Of One.

I think what I enjoy about doing things by myself is that I'm the only person I have to take into consideration. I don't mean to sound selfish because I don't mean it in a selfish, self-centered way. It's just that I can do what I want without wondering if the other person is enjoying themself as well. For example, I am obsessed with paper products. I love diaries, notebooks, organizers, stationary, etc. Most of my friends get nauseous whenever we pass by a stationary store because I always want to go inside, and I can spend an hour or two just looking through the merchandise. They don't see the joy in this the way I do. I've found it to be easier to just pursue my own interests by myself. I love reading, I'm a creative person, and I tend to get lost in my own spontaneity. A lot of people can't keep up with me. Sometimes I feel as though I'm moving at 100 mph. That's when I think best, work best, feel alive, and have the most fun. I've found that being with other people can just slow me down and make me feel less like myself.
It's not that I don't enjoy other people, because I do. I just prefer being with them in smaller doses.

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I'm the same, although I do give people the option of coming with me and if it's not their thing? Then fine, I do it anyway, have fun and it's their loss anyway.

I totally agree. Its a lot of fun to do things by yourself. I really enjoy it too :)

Same here,<br />
I'm an easy going electronics freak, also into cars and bikes etc, which i thought that all guys are into.<br />
Yet i pass by electronics shop with not a dime in my pocket but i want to go inside as i can spend time there no knowing how long i spent. So i'm where you are.<br />
<br />
Moreover, i care about other people too much that i don't get to do what i like because the others don't like doing it, i skip my fav race because they want to watch a movie for the 100s times, i go eat where they want to eat, and no, i'm not a follower, but i feel that i'm more flexible than most people so i tend to let them do what they want, but...... no from now on.<br />
stay strong

I completely relate. Especially with the shopping thing, my family think i'm crazy but i'd SO much rather go shopping alone then with someone else. Unless they're paying of course ;)

I love stationary, ; )

I think you are not so happy to be a Loner, you just enjoy solitude. Which is, in my book, something completely different. I think we all enjoy solitude from time to time!

I am just like you.<br />
I do everything myself, because my friends don't have the same interests as me.