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My favorite vacation is to drive away, find a cheap-but-decent motel with some shopping & restaurants nearby, and enjoy being alone.  Some of my friends can't understand this.  For example, last year I drove upstate to a small town.  I told my friends and co-workers where I was going on vacation.  "Do you have family there?"  "No."  "Oh, friends?" "No.  That's the point!" 
Personally, I find it odd that so many people NEED to be with other people all the time.  It would drive me nuts!
I go to my motel room, sleep, read, write letters, go for walks, wander through stores - especially bookstores, thrift shops, yard sales, etc.  With a fridge & microwave in the room I can have a simple meal or a drink any time - or try a local diner, or the usual drive-throughs, etc. My time is my own; no pressures; no changes in plans - just rest and peace and quiet.  No apologies.
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I've wanted to do this for so long, but I don't have the money. It sounds like a wonderful time!

Good for you, I`m going to try that this fall and I hope my wife understands.

You have the right idea. I do it every year for five weeks. I go to California by myself, I get lost out there and love it. Have to air your brain out once in a while. How much trash talking and gossip can one take....

Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

Sounds good to me! I do stuff like that without even going on vacation.. its nice to just have days to yourself and you can do whatever you want and not have to deal with anyone.

Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it's great to have a change of scenery. Get away from everyone and everything. Last year I entered a competition for a weekend break any where in the UK, I remember thinking "I could really do with a break from everything" it just sounded like total bliss. I actually won as well :)

Your vacation sounds like a dream! That's exactly what I would do myself of course! =P

Your vacation idea is genius. I'm going to do exactly that soon, sounds relaxing. <br />
<br />
I'm going on a bicycle tour next month by myself for 2 weeks upstate, 500 miles and i can not imagine anything better than being out on the road by myself, propelled by my own power and own will just freakin out there!

wow i think the same way and again its just getting away from people and i am a capricorn

This is deserved for a intelligent traveler, not only here in earth, includes a journey around the corners of your mind.....anyway we are alone in more than one sense......

Man, I understand you sooo, I really enjoy being alone, and now I know it'll be harder since now I have wife and a little baby, but can't wait for a chance to get away from them at least a weekend, in order to do things I enjoy, as easy as going late to bed, have some pot, some booze, reading some books.. there are too many things I can do being with no one else asking you to do things their way... I love to see I'm not the only one loving this kinda experience.

I am a Capricorn too , I got divorced 3 years ago , I have a lot of friends but I really enjoy quiet time alone or to take a long trip. Nothing wrong at all I think it is great. No pressure , no one to answer to just<br />
free as a breeze !

I have gone many places alone in my life, such as Mexico, Guatemala, Canada's far north, and Australia, but now I'm happily married and am happier than I was alone. However, since being married, I've read practically no books. We enjoy each others company a lot but enjoy our separate spaces each day also. <br />
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Alone, I used to spend hours at a time just browsing through libraries and reading books while there. I also read many books at Barnes & Noble. Alone In Mexico I found it gratifying to meet and speak with many people and polish my Spanish. But in Australia, I left earlier than planned, because it was so mentally tiring to have to concentrate so much to be able to understand people. I finally left because, as one wag said, "I couldn't speak the language." I could really have been happier there with a traveling companion.

I agree with everything everyone has said up to this point - except, I'm a Cancer. :)

I'm a Virgo and I love to spend time with me! I'm about to head off on a vacation with my boyfriend of one year, and for me there is an element of too much time together that I need to work on. I believe that we've worked out my need to have time all to myself for at least one hour each day, if not more. I pray it is so. That is my biggest concern for the week.<br />
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My daughter has been at camp since 6/25 and won't be home until 8/16. I LOVE when she is at camp. I LOVE living all by myself. There is nothing like it. I'm in the process of changing my basement into a suite for my daughter. Then I won't have to share my bathroom with her very often because there is a full bathroom in the basement/her suite! Another step to being an empty nester. I adore my kid, don't get me wrong. We are as close as we can be, given her age and stage of life (she will turn 15 before she gets home from camp). <br />
<br />
The new room will give her the sense of having some independence without being totally on her own. Of course, I'll have all the doors to the outside alarmed so that I can hear if she is coming or going (or letting someone in...). She hasn't started that kind of behavior yet, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if she does in the next couple of years. I know I did that when I was her age, LOL (and she does NOT know about it).<br />
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Enjoy your vacation. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy talking to whomever you choose or not talking to anyone if you so choose. What a great idea. It has been my fantasy vacation for years. Some other time when I can afford to get away myself and know that someone will be "supervising" my daughter.

well, as vacations that sounds great!<br />
personally I think we need people, that's why we are in a GROUP of lonely people, but yeah, it's necessary to be alone sometimes.<br />
Personally I think that vacations, alone, are wonderful, I hate to be around people without be abvle to do anything alone, or have to give explanations, etc, so, yeah, those are the perfect vacations<br />
But I only go to the cinema aloine when I really wanna watch a movie and have no one to go with ... that is most of the time ^^<br />
so,m yeah, i agree with that of the perfect vacations man, in fact, I would love to have one of those some day, I always feel tired because i NEVER have some time for myself =/

yes i feel the same way. iam pretty much a loner to.i go to lot of places on my own. i am very independant. its not that i'm not likeable i am but i like to do things when i want to with no one to wait on. i like doing things with people but most of my friends are committed in a relationships. so i just got use to doing things on my own.

My first vacation solo was to Hedonism in Jamaica, flew first class! After that I knew I'd never travel w/ anyone again- no one understands, but I LOVE going away by myself. After that trip I have went to Jamaica 4 times myself and Cancun once (met a friend in Cancun and regretted it!) I like to do what I want and when I want w/out worrying about anyone else when I'm away. No one gets it- when I tell people I'm going alone I always get the same replies- "I would have went" or "that's ashame, you couldn''t find anyone to go with"- no one gets it. I meet people when I'm there, I'm not anti social or a hermit- but I enjoy being alone almost all the time. I go to movies, dinner,etc and I like it- I have some friends and family, but this is my choice & no one understands. So I've stopped talking about it and just do it. I hate the negative feedback/images people have of loners. I think some of us are just really comfortable in our own skin and enjoy our own company? I don't know why I'm like this, haven't always been- but I really enjoy not depending on anyone else for my happiness.

Ha! I am a capricorn too!<br />
I like spending time with people, but not all the time. When I spend too much time with others, I will miss my time alone. Since I moved overseas with no parents or friends, I found that I am very independent because I go everywhere by myself, even go to a cinema by myself. While some friends (I made some new friends) think I am odd or very brave, I just think being with others can be annoying sometimes because when you want to do A, they want to do B, and you have to follow them so you dont argue. Even though the friends are very nice, I think my alone time is very precious and very enjoyable!!

I, too, am a Capricorn, and I love my alone time. Some people think I'm weird, but I don't care.

I'm afraid to be alone; I don't like who I am. Is that wrong to feel that way? Crap! I'm a co-dependent.

I hear you. Last weekend I went to Fort Benton, about two hours from where I live. I walked the riverfront trail, checked out the residential district (which had awesome old houses), had a milkshake at the Tastee Freeze and talked practically to no one. Just me, myself and I. It was very nice. Last weekend before my family comes back from an extended trip. i will be glad to see them, but will miss the solitude a little bit.

I try to go to Florida every May by myself - or should I say alone with God. I've been on vacations where my companion ruined it for me. I am an only child, a widow, and live alone but I'm never lonely.<br />
A large family accepted me into their fold many years ago and I spend a lot of time with one of them and their 2 grandsons. I see , talk to, and eat with them most every day.every day.<br />
<br />
This past May I stayed in Florida by myself for an entire week. I rented a room with an ocean front balcony and I throughly enjoyed it. When I look at the ocean it reminds me of God's mighty power and glory, and I somehow feel closer to Him there. <br />
<br />
I feel sad for the people who are dependent on others for their happiness.

I am definately just like you! I find myself going for long drives up North or just getting in my car & listening to my favorite music! I wonder if you are a Capricorn because I notice that alot of people born in Dec. or Jan. are like this. I was like this since a child!! I always needed my space or private time. Yes, some people think that its odd, but it's who I am! I like to go to craft fairs alone & shopping alone. Alot of times I just go in my bedroom & read a book, it seems to revive me!! So, more power to you & all of us that are like this!! We are unique & it is not uncommon!!

Oh being on your tod can be great. Some people don't understand why I like going to dinner alone. Or to the cinema, music gigs, galleries. <br />
<br />
I enjoy having my own mind to talk things through with... or not. I can sit and eat and watch the world go by around me as I let flavours unravel in my mouth. Feel the wine induced merriness washing over me. <br />
<br />
Sit in a cinema full of people all being told the same story and feel like one of the masses in this shared experience, yet still without the chitter-chatter of a friend. Or with only a few others, sunk deep down in the chair munching on my popcorn, absorbed and engrossed in what's played out before me. The only distractions being others far away. <br />
<br />
Sure, some people don't understand it. Maybe they're not comfortable with just themselves. Maybe they've never experienced how beautiful it can be. <br />
<br />
My own little cocoon through which I can view the external, and process it.

I'm the same way. If I had friends I wouldn't need to be around them 24/7. Its nice being alone sometimes.

I agree and I enjoy being alone also. Once I get my licence, I might do the same. Sometimes, I'll just wander around by myself for the day, doing whatever I want.