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Firstly, I am hugely grateful and excited that this group exists. Just the other day I looked up the term 'loner' and it stated: one who avoids people. I thought for a few seconds and realized that I do this all the time, so now it has hit me officially. I am ok with it too. It seems as if I have created and developed into one of the individuals that many 'just don't get'. I have tried and tried to open up and be myself in social environments and repeatedly the results are the same. People respond as if they are intimidated, challenged even, and even try to put my individuality down (although I discern this  is because they feel inferior)..uggghh...disgusting! Anyway, I know it's not about thinking one is better ultimately; just simply different. It's too bad many people can't take it- they can't take someone who cares not to follow them and the crowd; someone who unfortunately frequently has the objective mentality; someone who strays away from the f****** norm! They can't take it!!! But I will continue to learn and accept and like and love my invincible maverickness-all of us loners has the right to be who we desire to be just as much as any other citizen in a civilization! My heart goes out to each and everyone of you!!!
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Thanks for your post, Ameliorate.<br />
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I know how you feel about people who just conform. It can be so frustrating to those of us who actually think about our actions. I can never understand why these conformists don't think for themselves. I suspect it may be because they are simply incapable (hopefully only temporarily incapable) of doing so, which would be really sad. It makes me kind of feel sorry for them. What a sad little cage to live in that must be.<br />
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Being an independent thinker rocks. I'm glad to read that you're enjoying it. Woohoo!<br />
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You sais it well dandaberryshakers!