I Am Too Unique

I find myself to be so different to others that I really have no-one to talk to about many subjects. I seem to see and hear things in this world that apparently no-one else does. That's made abundantly clear over and over as I go through my day to day existence. It's very frustrating. People don't understand what I'm talking about, or they find it just so trivial that I'm made out to be boring. Often I simply make a statement about this or that, and people take it the wrong way. They think I'm complaining when I'm not.

Consequently I don't associate with people very much. I have a small handful of friends but I make no attempt to go out on the town. I don't really know how to relate to people. I guess I'm just a bit too different for people to understand or appreciate.
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4 Responses Jul 19, 2010

hopefully one day u'll find someone who understands you tha way you understand yourself

I could of written the first two posts- everything I say or do is taken the wrong way. <br />
<br />
When I watch other people socialize with each other, it's like they give each other the benefit of the doubt- if someone says or does something off, it just rolls off everyone else's shoulders; if I do the same, it's always taken the wrong way. It's not even worth making the effort anymore.

Bahahahaha feeling bad about this? Darling calm down! And I just wanted to say darling for the heck of it =D<br />
Many things I say are trivial and make no sense-<br />
What's the difference between cabbage and lettuce?<br />
<br />
From something like that to a big deep philosophy on life... I want to talk to you about some of these things people don't "understand" to see why. <br />
I feel like you and I and others simply see the world differently, and perhaps have a deeper understanding of it. I'm proud of my difference.<br />
You and I have the stuff of innovation. Use it. Instead of feeling bad about these quirks, when you say something nobody understands, explain it to them. Feel free to say you feel as if you think differently from people. <br />
If you are shy, the more social contact you make the easier it will get. I already posted a handful of comments on my "Social Tree" theory today, so if you want to hear it ask me in a message. It's a bit long (that's what she said. 'Scuse the immaturity.) All I can say really is to put yourself out there, explain here and there, contemplate and face the fear. Put yourself out there, and you will get results.

I almost could have written exactly what you wrote. Nobody EVER "gets" anything I say. I don't like to talk to people because every time I try to say something it always comes out wrong; nothing ever comes out right. I'm not complaining or feeling sorry for myself; I really prefer not to associate with people. I would rather be a loner than try to be something I'm not just to fit in. In a way, identifying myself as a loner has been a huge relief for me. Thanks for sharing your story.