Not Anti-social Just Pro-solitude

I am hating the human population more every day. Everyone seems to be fakes, liars or think they are better than the rest of us. I camp alone, by myself. I go up in my mountains and just  find a place away from people and plant myself until I have to come back to the fake world. The forest is my real world. I also like being alone in my small dinghy fishing out on the lake. I sit in my room mostly but have a boyfriend for the past 21 years. He hates people more than I do but stays home when I roam. So he is a loner too. Solitude brings peace, the world creates chaos.
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I am a loner too...I used to be social, until I found out that your "friends" are not really your friends. They all use you. I mean, not all of them, but for the most part, and youu just find out how much better it is to not have friends. This world is full of people who only want what "everyone else wants" if you know what I mean...I dont want to be lile anyone else, and I dont want to be apart of this media world, and social world... I hope I worded this right.

I consider myself as bein a loner also.I deal wit the outside world only when i have even like ths wit my family..solitude is more peaceful 4 me.I could stay in the house eat and watch t.v all day..with my kids and my boyfiend..And b just as happy.

I wrote that wrong. I hate the behaviors of people, including me and I do own up to my faults and mistakes for I can admit that I am far from perfect. I like how you put that socalman463.

I agree.