Not By Choice But Making The Best Out Of It

I've alternated most of my adult life between people who wanted to be cruel and callous and other people who would tell me to "get over it", and if I didn't they'd disappear, wait a certain number of months, then come sniffing back around to see if I was better, so they could have the benefits of fair weather "friendship" and none of that yucky empathy stuff.

They never seem to consider that with minimal support and processing time, getting better is a breeze, whereas trudging alone through a hard situation just multiplies the pain and the time to get back to normal. But all this positivity movement stuff tells people things like "get rid of energy vampires", and it seems to have resulted in a society that will blame someone who, say, gets cancer for bringing them "down".

What's funny is that, unlike all my former "friends", not only do I not get "drained" by other people's problems, but being there for someone else actually helps me take a break from my own for a little while.

It ****** me off to still see the platitudes on the greeting cards about "what a friend is" when the reality I see all around is a world that grows less empathetic by the day, with everyone in it for themselves.

And I've always loved introverts versus the loud buffoons our society seems to value so highly. But unfortunately, meeting equally socially skeptical, introverted people is a bit of a catch 22...
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None the less, i wonder if you scratched out the part of being used... always happens with me ahahaha

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm so sick of people who have no empathy for others. I've had those kind of friendships, I'm there for them in their time of need but when I need a shoulder they are no where to be found. <br />
<br />
If only finding fellow introverts on EP was as easy as finding them IRL...