I've Really Had No Family Growing Up & I Am So Lonely

I've had to grow up alone without the love & support of my Family. I come from a Family of 5 Brothers & Sister, we grew up all different, but mostly all the same personality except for myself.
We grew up in a very abusive background, to this day all my Family are still living in the past & very much like our Parents, for some odd reason I turned out to be the total opposite to them all, which I am greatful for but there was a price to pay. 'NO FAMILY' in my life at all, not one single member, no sisters, brothers, nephews, neices, & the rest all living oversease which I have never met.

Is there anyone else out there who can relate to the same? I would like to hear from others & how do I finally accept & stop trying to belong in this family?

I am so lonely :(
Miira13 Miira13
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Hi Miira I am in the same situation all my family live interstate and I have absolutely no family support . I used to be married but no more .I have been living on my own since my Family through me out of the house and out of their lives when I was 17 I have had a little contact with them but now I have not spoken to them in 12 years .I don't miss them much and I have managed to cure the loneliness by making friends and choosing the times that I want to be on my own may I suggest that you try to get in touch with groups that have similar interest to you and may be join these groups I know all about loneliness ,as it happened a few years ago now I had to leave a group that I was heavily involved with because it had become a burden to me and it was severely effecting my kife so I had to leave .It took a long time to rebuild my life but let me say that it is possible and I am now glad that I made the break so hang in there and don't let the depression beat you Good luck in your journey Abigail

Thank u, I will try...