Loner Dating Site?

I am a loner, and was never really bothered. Now I am thinking where is there a place I can meet a female loner, I suppose that is a bit hypocritical 
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I am now ready to date - my boyfriend (well, he was 49, just a month shy of his 50th) was killed in a fire 2 years ago. I am sick of completely isolating. Friends are over-rated, I like to say- "all my ******** are friends."What it is...

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I so agree with you,kawaiipig! I am both a loner and outgoing at the same time. That dont make sense to alot of people but i am the type that values my time alone and i dont really like people (friends ) or ANYONE really , except of course my kids! who live with me to intrude on me when im vulnerable or not expecting them. Its just the way i am. Oh of COURSE i welcome them...Im not a scrooge, but i would rather they let me know when they are comin. But come again ,,,i am the most outgoing person when it comes to exploring new heights and meeting others. I dont know a stranger, my pet peeve is to check out at a store and the clerk totally is shutfaced! what?? I cant stand that!!! So if you have a public job, HAVE THE PERSONALITY for it!!!! NO one likes an unfriendly cashier!

I actually think everybody including loners would prefer companies from time to time. It's just difficult to find someone who is patient and understanding enough to put up with loners. There are a lot of smart people out there who would pretend to be shallow just to hang out in the crowd. Being a loner just means that you do not need the sugar coating to feel comforting and you can live just as fine without pretending. But, sometimes you can't help but to wonder if this is all there is to life...

The thing about loners is that they do not need friends. They are happy to be alone cos they know how to fill their time with meaningful and beneficial activities. There may be times that we loners need ppl to talk to but by then everyone is busy with everyone else and then we realise we are really alone. Oh well, thats life. How much can we ask for?

I'd love to find a "female loner". Maybe that means different things to different people, but to me it would mean finding a female who is a deep thinker and is not looking for attention but would rather be natural and enjoy always learning new things like what makes a certain insect beneficial at a prticular time and place in the woods. Or what happens to a cancer cell in vitro when you increase the ph of the surrounding solution. How far can you imagine your mind going for a trip into outer space and what do you think you might find there? Which religion is right/true if any? There are just sooo many questions I am thirsty to research to the best of my ability.