I Enjoy My Time Alone

I don't feel like I have to be someone else. I don't have to talk. I don't have to pay attention to what someone else is saying. I can wear my pj's all day. I don't have to answer silly questions or laugh at corny jokes. When I am alone I no longer feel lonely. I feel relieved.

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INFJ perhaps? I don't know if you're into personality types, but that seems to be a common trait among INFJ's like me.

It's also hard for some folks to understand we can be comfortable alone, and sometimes actually prefer it. I hate when folks (with good intentions) try to "fix" me.

What is infj?

The Meyers-Briggs test identifies the major types of personalities that most people exhibit. What I like about knowing my type is that it's helped me accept who I am. Especially since INFJ are reported to be only 2% of the population.

Check out this link: https://www.personalitypage.com/INFJ.html

Hi, I recently read a wonderful book given by my sister (psychologist in France). It's called "O solitude" from Catherine Millot (not yet translated in english, unfortunately!).<br />
After spending most of my life trying to fit in and "pretend" to hang out and having fun with people.... I am now living my life at it's fullest and spending most of my time alone, without guilt of any kind, thanks to this wonderful book!<br />
<br />
Being alone don't necessarily mean being lonely.<br />
Being alone it's taking a step back to move forward.<br />
Being alone give me more opportunity to dream, to be creative and take a break from the crazy energy around me (I live in NYC).<br />
I don't have boyfriend. I don't have best friend(s). I don't have any family in the US. <br />
I am not an antisocial, I am just happy!<br />
<br />
Whatever is the meaning of my life. I decided to be who I am.<br />
I will not stick to any social standard, just to fit in the box.<br />
I want to be FREE! Free to be myself...<br />
<br />

Hey. i know this is an old post but hopefully u guys are still using this site. I agree withh u googleyeye and nicoleal20 that i hate making fake small talk and all that stuff but what do you do when you are in those situations? do you not feel awkward not joining in or being by yourself when everone is talking. I wish i could just not be bothered but i fell like such an outsider in those social situations.

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"I don't have to answer silly questions or laugh at corny jokes. When I am alone I no longer feel lonely. I feel relieved."<br />
Amen to that, sister! I feel the same way. God, the idiotic "small talk" that people put themselves through - so painful! Blah! And the "laughing" at such unfunny blather. How can they possibly do it? They all deserve freaking Academy Awards or something.<br />
<br />
p.s. I have a black & white cat too! She's the love of my life. She loves me not only for the food, but also for the pats and the warm lap and the scratching toys and the playing with the 'spider' on the string. I'm sure your cat loves you for more than the food. I'm sure she loves you just being there. I know mine does, and it's very mutual.<br />
<br />
purrr <3

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Heey i love to sit alone but not always <3 so i need help to enjoy my time while im alone can anyone do ? plz and if u can just add me <br />
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I prefer being alone too and I enjoy being alone. I'm good in keeping myself busy: playing sudoku, sewing, doing crafts, cleaning/rearranging my house, going to c a movie --- there's plenty to do. More than 3 people at a time is too much. I don't need friends all around me to be happy. One on one is good enough for me.

i like bats

i like bats

I like cats :)

I have found that I don't relate well with anyone. It has been hard trying to find a comfort zone when I always feel so awkward. I think my biggest fan is my cat, but i think it's mostly for the food...

Hey, I dont' call it being on a pity pot. I genuinely prefer not to be around a lot of people. Definition of a lot: more than 3. I am alone but for the most part, not lonely...