Or At Least I Would Be If Not For...

During my junior and senior year of high school, there was only two people I could actually call my "friend". All of the rest of the people in school just ticked me off. They were annoying or rude or just plain horrible. I like to place myself around people who are nice, loyal, and trustworthy. For me it just takes a few wrong moves to really turn away from you. So, I would be a loner now, except I have a group of people who have literally latched themselves to me. Personally I don't mind. I think they're great people. They haven't given me a reason to not like them. But I guess that's the charm of college. More people are realizing that they need to knock of the high school bullshit and pull themselves together. There are still quite a few people in college that I'd never hang out just due to their personality clashing with mine. I'm kind of glad I have a group, but sometimes I just want to be alone.
yolorwatson yolorwatson
18-21, F
May 11, 2012