I Love Being Alone

I have always been a loner since i can remember I have played by myself as i child, I always had a few friends in my life. I was oldest of 8 children we were together for a time. But now all is lost I never had a normal childhood my stepfather was drunk and he beat my mom therefore the state remove me and my brothers and sister we when to fostercare we where adopt by own family only to have it end a 2 years later back to fostercare till i turn 18. A long the way my 2 brothers and 4 sister where lost. When i was 18 i found my real mother and stepfather it was fun for awhile but end badly it been over 22 years since i seen or hear form them. My adopt family the same. My real Dads i never known. he went to prison for robbing a gas station and caused my mother to have a nerves break down when she was carring me maybe the reson for gid today. I want to play with girls but the girls didn't want me to play with them because i was a boy. Boy didn't want me to play with them because i was to girls. So i choose to play by myself. I just wish i was normal but i know somehow i made the far by myself . I sometime wish i had a friend to share thing with and do thing together. But I know that only for lucky folks I am ment to be alone forever because i choose to be. Some how i feel that there is something very wrong with me. People come and go so i most be doing something wrong. I am my own best friend and i love myself and i learn how to have fun with myself.
May each person read this be blessed love and light and peace be with you.
love Tanya xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo
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I understand I have know many a lot of people and very few I call friends and I time being alone. I don't feel there is anything wrong with your just you.