People Just Annoy Me

I don't see anything wrong with being alone.

When I had a lot of friends, I was pretty much expected to spend every moment of the day with them. Where's the fun in wasting all your time around the same people, day after day? I personally find people to be pretty draining after a while.

The amount of times I've been dragged out the comfort of my own warm house to stand at a bus stop in the pouring rain to go into town to meet people I don't even particularly like, or even know, by my friends... It's so tiring. There is no better company than my own. I can do whatever I like when it's just me.

Plus, people usually aren't around forever. At the end of the day, people come and go, but you've always got yourself. It makes more sense to only rely on the one person who will be by your side til your last breath: you.
rainbowbutterflyspoonface rainbowbutterflyspoonface 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 18, 2012

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I sort of agree with that. Although friends can help you out if you have problems or are bored.

I was feeling pretty low when I wrote this, haha.

I met up with some friends recently for the first time in a while and had an amazing time. Perhaps people aren't so bad after all.

Oh haha ok then, and really? That's very cool. People aren't really that bad. Same goes to ones on here.