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I freaking hate it sooo much when people say 'oh I don't wanna be a loner please hang out with me' and when ther friends come they ditch you! Grrr! seriously they can't be alone for 5 minutes! Before my bestest friend came back I was alone for 2 and a half years so they shouldn't complain about being alone for under 10 minutes! I can't stand it when people get picked on or be excluded for it. :(
NinjaKitteh1999 NinjaKitteh1999 18-21, F 4 Responses Jul 28, 2012

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Nothing wrong with being a loner

Sorry that actually went on for five years for me. It's fine when you want some time for yourself but everyday at school sucked so I hated going.

Yes I guess that would suck. I was not popular in school but I had a few close friends. Mainly other loners lol but I was thier protector

That's nice that you went out of your way for them.

but I was kinda popular in a way, because when I'd talk everyone would go crazy and obsessive because I'm so shy that I'm close to being a mute..... But yeah luckily I've made some friends

All you need is a few close good friends.

Yeah that's true for sure

They are the truest type of friends.
I tried to add you but not allowed

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add me pleas xx

So are you still a loner now?

Hehe yeah xD sorry if that story came off as bitching, I was pretty angry about it and this is the only place I can vent about it :]

Hehe nice XD It's ok! :) I'm not mad at you.

okay :) thats good.

It is :)

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Totally! It's so freaking annoying! Like, STFU lol. And it sucks when people are excluded for it. And yeah..2 and a half years is a long time. People have to get over themselves.

Yeah your right! My buddy! :)

Aww my buddy! :)

You are awesome mah bestie :3 xoxo

You are seriously tha most awesomest ever, mah bestie :3 xoxo

Hehe! were both awesome! :3

Ha! We rock! :3

Hell Yeah! my buddy! :3

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