Always Alone

I don't understand i do the right things but yet I fee alone.i never had a boyfriend because most guys used me for young and dumb I fell for their words over and over again "I'm not like the rest of them". Eager to find love I ended up with a heartache.i can't trust anyone anymore it's too a college student, And a patient care technician.yet no man values my goals.Im just too tired.ive been a old women to these jerks out there.what more can I do to just feel alone. I don't care how I dress anymore because no one is interested in getting to know my mind.I rather be Alone than men who just uses women for sex.tears running down my eyes thinking will I ever find a decent man.stopping comparing me with women who dresses a Tomboy you would have to love me for who I am
scarless21 scarless21 22-25, F 5 Responses Aug 15, 2012

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What you've told us in this story doesn't make you a loner. I can appreciate your frustration, however, with men who turned out to be pigs. It sounds like you need to set some healthy limits about how close you're willing to let guys get. Be good to yourself first. Don't give in to any guy's unreasonable nonsense. If you feel pressured, say you're not ready and get some space between you. If he's a good, patient man he'll still be there later on, and you can re-evaluate what kind of a person he really is. If he gets man or impatient with you for not giving in to what he wants, turn around and walk away, because he isn't worth your while. There are a lot of guys out there, so don't feel like you have to reel in the first one that grabs your hook.

That has to be painful, I knew a girl in my freshman year at college who used to dress plainly and mess up her hair just to avoid getting propositioned every 5 minutes (she was gorgeous). Up until I met her I didn't realize just how irritating and humiliating men can make life for attractive, intelligent women. You're still young though, just think of it as furthering your education in the science of douchebags. When a douchebag approaches just imagine Desmond Morris's voice narrating his actions: "the douchbag is a predatory animal, like a peacock he attracts a mate by showing his colorful garments, or "bling" as it is conceptualized in the mind of the douchebag..." ;)

I honestly know how it feels to be alone. Alone being defined as feeling as if no one gives a crap about knowing who you really are. All of that said, the good available guys are out there really waiting for the "bad" women to stop painting the picture that guys are dogs. I know what it means to be hurt, but I've learned that anyone worth having is absolutely worth waiting for. I know what its like to be looked over because someone easier with lower standards was just available, but understanding how beautiful and precious you are whether anyone else sees it or not is the best companion you can possibly have.

how dare them. they just see whats in the outside not in the inside. try to happy not by having a boyfriend if u want to u could help other people that are just like u. have fun with ur interests.

try a Different race !