Loner But Not Alone

In my teenage years, I had developed this kind of shyness towards other people. Whenever I talk to people, I cannot speak straight and I am always nervous. Even in my family, my Mom is the only one that I talk most of the time, but I know my Mom knows only 60 percent of me. I love being alone. I enjoyed it and being alone makes me relaxed and think ideas. The problem is when I'm in social situations, sometimes my heart beats fast and sometimes terrified.
This year, I just have only realized of my condition. I'm upset that this state will cause me to not succeed in life. I am not worried that I am a loner, because I'm happy being it, but having an anxiety in social conditions may affect me in my entire life. At first, I am worried of the fact that this would ruin my life, but in the end, I just realized that there are many persons like me and that I'm not alone. There is you and there is God beside us.
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Dec 2, 2012