Woot For Lonerisms

I have no friends, but I'm not lonely. I prefer to be alone and when people seek me out, I prefer to not be bothered. Theres a number of factors for why I prefer to be alone, too many that I'd rather not rant about right now 'cause I'm procrastinating before getting ready for work.

But I'm proud to be a loner. I don't need to go out every weekend with a large group of people to be happy. I'm glad I can get through a work day without needing friendships to make me enjoy what I'm doing. I've always preferred activities that are best enjoyed alone, and hate the thought of big social gatherings such as clubbing or partying -shudders-

I come from a household with a small family who have regularly chosen to shut out the outside world, maybe that's what makes it easier as that's all I know, but I'm way too distrustful and paranoid to let anybody in on my world... Doesn't mean though that I don't like the offer, I just most likely won't accept due to my contributing loner factors :)
Tippitoe Tippitoe
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I like the peace and quiet when I am alone. I don't like when people visit me, I feel disturb and an utter waste of my time. I like indulging in my little home projects and painting. I am a mother of 3 kids, so you can imagine the silence when they are all at school. I just live my " ME TIME" alone.

I have been alone almost my life. I tend to switch off my ears to the society. I too don't like being bothered unecessarly. Partying and etc can drain me very much. At work I spend all day thinking and reflecting on things. So I been pretty fine without other people.