My Presence

I walk my daily life trying not to disturb the perceptions of others, though I fail because I am not truly invisible. I make it my goal daily to exist in a way that is unseen. I give what I can to those who ask and even more to those who don't, for I believe in untarnished charity, it never fails. I have had few friends in my nineteen years, none of which I care to recall(not even for the sake of remembering "good times"), they thought their actions were inconsequential and I couldn't bare their lack of empathy. I departed from that scene, not idea of friendship but the idea of what a friendship can be.
I try to leave my impression as simple as possible, friendship should be a simple thing. I consider all of those who accept my humility and even those who do not to be my friends. Through a kind gesture I hope with tears that I may have accomplished a good deed for someone. I may have saved a life, or at least comforted an individual who was hurting, the magnitude of what it could have been is irrelevant to me though. You see, an exhange of words would have proven useless in any of those given situations, because it wasn't a voice that brought comfort to me when I battled psychosis, it was the sight of a helping hand reaching to me, urging me to come along and seek something I had not even dared to hope for, happiness.
It taught me something, a lesson that hit the base of heart. My presence does not have to be known or even remembered. I only hope it leaves you with something you can benefit from, whether that be for a second or a lifetime. It is something this world lacks, it is the intentional state of becoming nothing for the sake of others, it is selflessness.
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3 Responses Feb 5, 2013

You write beautifully. That is the best definition of selflessness I have ever read, it speaks volumes. The first sentence also hit home for me. I have had this feeling, but could have never put it into words. Thank you for putting it in prespective for me.

I am glad you are not invisible, as a young man with such nobility and generosity has so much to give to the world. You have all my admiration and respect :)

My gratitude. :-)