It's Kinda Wierd

i'm a loner stuck in a social bugs body. i'm very social when i am around people, i love to talk, and have  a lot to talk about, but i definately prefer to be alone. it's kinda wierd. it's like i'm an extrovert and i hate it. i like to sit alone and ponder life, and aimlessly stare into space. i struggle with my social side all the time. i am a college student, and whenever i start a new class i decide i'm going to sit by myself and not be social, but it never fails, before a couple classes i have already made friends with half the class. i don't mean to do it, i mean i actually want to be alone, yet i still keep talking to those around me! what the hell is wrong with me?

scooper scooper
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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

We need to be with our friends sometime but it's fine to have some time alone. We are after all social beings and we need people to talk with and to spend time with but I believe at home we still wants to have a good time alone to think over everything in our life..

kthimm1 don't worry when you get to college it will all be a bit better and you'd probably meet people like yourslef- even tough I was a loner during highschool cos I didn't fit in but I used that to my advantage- people didn't bother me and some people even wanted to strangely be me- but whatever happens just keep strong and this might sound stupid but maybe take up martial arts or something active that your interested in cos it will help with your confidence and your piece of mind it will also strengthen your talents and people are bound to stop picking on someone who is self confident and talented.<br />
In a way you do fit in with society with all us misfits- so your not really alone.Those a**se h**e boys will get whats coming to them- try not to waste your energy thinking about scum like them and just concentrate on whats important to you and what kind of person you want to be- you'll be fine.

I know exactly what you mean! You're not alone! That sounds like me somewhat!

I am in highschool and a loner. I don't fit in with society. I am a quiet person mostly unless people **** me off or annoy me.<br />
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boys tend to think I am invisible and throw paper at me and kick my desk as well. I am tired of it.

LOL- yeah that is kinda strange- but I get what you mean- but I think it's cool that you get to know other people and stuff- I'm a loner but mainly outside class or sometimes in class if I don't relate to others..(example one class I'm in no-one speaks English properly so they don't get my jokes or whatever the crap I'm saying..) anyway- Is there a reason you want to be alone? I used to just be one huge loner but I would be social if people talked to me - and during class I got what you craved for I used to sit alone in some of them if I had no one to relate to( cos they were all younger than me, closed minded, followers and pretty stupid)- I used to say to myself that I'd rather be alone then be with people like them and that was my reason for being a loner. <br />
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Anyway I don't think there's anything wrong with you I guess the way you socialise has become a habit I think it's a cool habit to have- 'cos I'd rather have jokes with people I know in class then being alone with my meaningless thoughts and you can always be alone on the train/bus wherever out of class.<br />
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Oh and when you finish college and look for work - it always helps having connections- especially now when finding work is hard...TRUST meh!