This is also I'm a sociopath...
Also a narcissist...

My partners mom (who lives with us) wants her grandson to stay for 5 days starting tomorrow. I can't really say no. I've gotten her to change the dates 4 times already.

I require the most untouched routines possible. Another body in the house throws me into a tailspin. I feel like my base is being attacked.

I like the kid and all but I don't know how to explain it. My mind is a whirl right now. I don't like things changed. I barely tolerate living with my partner and his mom.

Interactions are on my terms as I see fit. Sorry if this makes no sense.

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It makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe that's because I'm also a sociopath and a narcissist. I also need solitude and a relatively untouched routine. I would definitely not enjoy having houseguests...especially a young child.
No matter how much I like someone, I can't stand to have him or her in my face all the time. You don't need to explain anything to me.
Take care. :)

Make reasons to be alone. I had to stay with family when I was pregnant so I just said I was tired a lot and retreated to the room I was staying in. You've been diagnosed with APD and NPD? That's really fascinating! Difficult, I imagine, but very interesting.