I Am Who I Am!!!

im a loner!!! sometimes i hate it though!!! you know when your in the house alone, and you know all your friends are out having a good time!!!! and i just wish sometimes that i could be like that!!! but i cant!!! i hate being around too many people, its very draining for me!!! i think that one of the reasons i hete being a loner is because a lot of extroverted people look at loners, as if there is something wrong with them, and i hate having that kinda stigma that some people seem to think that all loners are sad freaks or something!!! well im not sad, and im not a freak, i just choose to live my life the way i like it, the way i feel most comfortable living my life!!! ive had enough of going out, and pretending im having a good time!!! im a loner, and i keep myself to myself, and that doesnt make me any better or any worse off than anyone else!! i just choose to be happy in life, compared to some sad people out there, who for example: wear a certain type of clothing, just cos its in fashion (not cos they actually like it) people who listen to a certain type of music, just cos all their friends listen to it (not cos they actually like it) and people who go drinking and so on, just to be in with the crowd (not cos they actually like drinking) people like that, are the real sad people, cos they can never be their own person!! they can never be a unique individual!!! i may be a loner, but at least im happy!!!!

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On one hand, you say you're happy, but on the other hand, you say you hate being a loner. Do you hate actually being a loner, or do you just hate the way you're often perceived? ( as a freak, unhappy person, etc. ). If it is the latter, remember that it is impossible to please everyone; no matter what you do, somebody will have something to say about it. If you lead your life trying to please others, it can be very frustrating. Anyone who really cares about you will accept you as you are, and not try to force you to be something you're not. If you are truly lonely, think about what interests you, and try to find people with similar interests. Just going out to social events won't do any good. The best cure for loneliness is to get involved doing something you're good at, make a difference by using whatever abilities you have, and connect with people who have similar experiences and interests. I hope this will be encouraging and helpful to you.

I totally know what you mean Prilica. My friends when I was living in the halls at uni always wanted me to come to town with them. But I didn't really get why everyone liked going clubbing so much, its so loud that even if you scream in the other persons ear they can't understand what your saying ><. Really I'd just prefer to sit around and talk, watch a movie or play games with them or something. That seems much more fun to me.

yes, yes, its mostly my family too, that tells me these things!! they think im missing out on so much, but in reality, im not, cos if i did decide to go out more, i would only be doing something i didnt enjoy, cos i dont like being in places that are over crowded!! i know how you feel *Prilica*, especially when you talk about family trying to get you to be more outgoing, when you are happy the way you are, its really annoying sometimes!! (((hugs)))

thats what i was trying to say webdog, and im glad you eventually discovered that what your friends thought was cool, wasnt exactly your cup of tea!!! its good to have friends, and i have a few of them, but they mostly enjoy all the things i enjoy, like going out for meals, and going for coffee and just talking about stuff, and not to mention the odd night out here and there!! lol!! thanks for commenting!! it makes me wonder just how many more people out there are in the same boat as you webdog!!!

Exactly , i lived that live when i was young <br />
listening to a certain type of music, just cos my friends listen to it and said it was cool (not cos i actually liked it) and i went drinking and so on, just to be in with the crowd (not cos i actually liked drinking) <br />
This life was very miserable for me !<br />
I am much happier being a loner know !<br />
nothing wrong with having friends but i would need some good quality people were i could be myself and they wer'nt a bunch of people that conforms to everything

i aree with you dreamcast!!! the only time people hear of introverts is when they do something wrong, like when you hear of young guys, going into schools withguns, and shooting people and so on!!! and people just end up presuming that all introverts are the same!!! we are only human, and have things about us that are good, and things that can sometimes be bad!!! nobody is perfect!!!

i know, its easier said than done!!!! thanks for your comment kthimm!!! i dont talk about things much to people either!!!!

Sometimes being aloner isn't all bad honestly. Though when you need someone to comfort you then it is kinda bad. <br />
<br />
I actually have been a loner for as long as I can remember. <br />
<br />
I isolated myself and just got teased for that as well as other things. <br />
<br />
I don't talk about things often with others.

thats a good point!!! cos every time i sit and wish that i was someone different, it just makes me more sad too!!!! right, from now on, im no longer going to think that way!!!

thank you!!! its just as i say, i hate having that stigma of being a loner where people think your a weirdo or something!!!