I know psychedelics and depression don't exactly mix well, but this is the only thing that stopped me from driving over to the river tonight. I want to take a massive dose and trip one more time before I die.

I'm sort of stuck, too, on how I can kill myself without making it look intentional. Or if I even care...? It'd make it easier on my family if it was reported as an accident.
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I know how you feel. And honestly. I wouldn't do it. I've been in your place. And I'm not gonna tell you it will b easy But it does get better. Just think about how you would feel if someone you love took their life. That's how everyone that loves you would feel. Even worse because they'll b filled with guilt and questions that won't be answered. I'm in your situation every once in a while. Thinkin lookin up how to make it seem like an accident. But then I think of the people I'd hurt. And the people who would actually be glad I'm gone. And I think to myself I'm not gonna give them the pleasure of knowin they defeated me. And I try even of it breaks me every night to go through the day pretending to be happy. It isn't easy. But it's doable. Find a reason to live. Go travel the world. Do things you never thought you would. And let life decide when it's time for you to go. I might not know you. But I get how u feel. And just know that if you need anyone to talk to I'm here. And that goes for anyone who feels this way

I am so sick of the "it gets better" line.

I know. I was sick of it too. But it does. If you weren't capable of going through all the life things and situations youre going through you wouldn't have been given this life. But like I said travel go places you've never visited do things uve never done. And after you do that. Take a time to think if you still feel this way.