When you go on Facebook and see that really popular girl say "I'm such a loser I have no friends *stupid sad emoji face* then there's about 50 comments of all her friends commenting saying "no I love you! Let's hangout" and you sit there in your dark room thinking, you don't know real sorrow *****! Ahah yup my life
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2 Responses Aug 26, 2014

Facebook? Yeah, never happen on EP, that's for sure :p

...not up to 50 comments yet :)

Never thought a girl could be a loner. Im a loner, since i dont give a **** about selfies and swag and expensive AIR JORDIES. I am who i am. I mean, i can easly pay those items, no problem. Buy seriously, im not gonna waste 50 dollars more on a pair shoes just because of a little icon. Jeez. Shoes are meant to be shoes, dont care how they are. And also, i HATE IT when people call me ugly since i have those things on my face, those that u squeeze and white **** comes out jk? I forgot the name but... I have never ever looked at someones beauty from the outside, i seriously dont give a ****. As long as ur sweet and nice and caring. The inner beauty is what i look like

All of those things make me a loner and make people bully me. Btw, i am a boy, 14 yo, being bullyd since 5 yo. Im used to it,
So please dont get al funky and all