I Prefer Being Alone

I've always preferred being alone.  I'm not the type who makes friends easily.  I've only had one close friend outside of my family, and even that didn't last for long.

It's not that I'm afraid of people.  I'm just not interested in making friends and in socializing.  I've always preferred staying in one corner and reading something or just sitting there and thinking.

When I was younger, I thought that there was something wrong with me.  People around me always commented that I was so quiet and that I need to become more sociable. 

When I entered college, I tried to make friends because my parents often bugged me about it.  I got tired of trying.  I just wasn't interested in it. 

Anyway, I think that my college years were the best years in my life (so far).  People just left me alone, unlike in high school, where there was a pressure to conform.  It was also during college when I was able to stay in the library almost everyday.  It was almost like heaven for me.

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it's just no use, there's not much to be gained from that.

Reading this has made me feel a whole lot better, if i have a day out with people for whatever reason, i `m just so happy to get home and relax on my own, i`ve tried relationships but they never worked out because i felt like i was being `suffocated` by them, i had to get out ,that`s the only word i can think of to explain the feeling.Think i`ll be a loner for ever and i think i prefer it.

Makes me wonder why some people have such an issue...maybe they should concentrate on their own sad relationships.

just my 2c.

I`m just like you all. i prefer being alone but people make me feel like theres something wrong with me when i say that! i love doing stuff on my own and id definitely prefer travelling alone (after my school years) but im not about to say that aloud.....that would put me in the need to explain everyone why the hell i am so not wanting anyones copmany.

Hi everyone,

I've read a lot of posts about this topic. There seems to be a stigma attached to being a "loner," or preferring one's own company. It's often called "socialphobia" or other names, and there is an underlying sense that something is wrong with you if you behave different from the crowd, and don't really want to be part of it.

Like you people, I'm not really that interested in other people. I just don't have anything to say. I'm interested in things that most people don't even understand or care about. When you think about it, real communication hardly ever takes place between two people. People just talk and don't listen. "Blahblahblah." Ever since I was young I've had people tell me that I'm "serous," or "so quiet." I recently had a woman I work with ask me why I was so quiet, then when I tried to engage her in coversation, she just gave me "yes"/ "no" answers! What's the point!

I also think humans are all inherently nuts. What do human relationships mean? Why are they important? (Don't tell me that they are important in order for you to "grow" as a person, blahblah.) Why is it important to be "loving," "caring," and close to people? So that we'll have someone to help us in our hour of need? That sounds a little selfish - it's really just about self-preservation, not about a true desire to connect.

I'm starting to think that the main relationship to focus on is the one with yourself. Forget about other people and focus on that. If that's good, then - perhaps - the other ones will follow suit. If your relationship with yourself is a good one, then what concern is the outside world to you? There's nothing wrong with any of us here - perhaps it's the people who need human relationships that have the problem, the ones who can't be completely happy with their own company?

You and I are a lot alike. I truly prefer to be alone. It's not that I'm shy or afraid of people; I'm just not interested in socializing. There's no one I can really relate to. I, too, really enjoyed college because the classes were large and anonymous. I like EP because it is anonymous. I enjoyed college because there was no pressure to conform, or be caught up in a big social swirl. However, I'm not unhappy; I'm actually happier being a loner. I get along with people a lot better, and people are nicer to me. People in the social circles get caught up in all these petty arguments, cliques, cattiness, and having everyone know all your business. Because I'm not "one of them", I can skim above all that. Since I don't like to get involved in a lot of strife or drama, this works for me. Thanks for a great story!

i completely understand what you're going through. bieng alone is so much better than bieng with people. in college, you're so right, everyone leaves you alone, you're free to sit out in the courtyard and read. peacefully, perfectly alone and in the best company, yourself.

That sounds alot like me, I totally understand where you're coming from.

There is nothing wrong with being as you would say, a loner.

I got bullied for wanting to be alone in school. I always got asked by teachers why I wasnt socialising. But i got to a point where i chose not to socialise because everytime i did, i would get caught up in false friendships and things would start to take it's tole over me

I did have a couple of friends, but they all stabbed me in the back. After everything i did for them.

I think, that it's best to be alone. Least ways you don't get caught up in other peoples confrontation, you don't have people asking you if you've said "this or that"

Yes, you get treated differently but it's good in a way as your being your own individual person.