I Was and Am Still Kinda a Loner.

Since play school I was always the freek, I was to artistic and to differnt to be part of the norm I was at two differnt school and my next school from grade two to nine I was the freek to morbid to into the arts to smart and I cared about my grades when every one else slacked of. Now I'm at an arts school and I'm still some times the loner I have to much to deal with and some times I want to just dissaper for ever. Then the people I do know now except me for who I am but there are still the days I just want to dissaper.

darkdeath darkdeath
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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

Being the arty one is great but it does make you the odd one out a bit, I know something about that...I was never a loner by nature, but I did feel isolated in my old school. But it doesn't make you a freak, just different.