Friends Are Overrated

When u need em most, they scrap u, when u confide in them, they spread the word. So keep ur thoughts 2 urself and u can't be hurt.  The thing is, i've never had many friends and I've got along fine. So if all they do is hurt u, why do u need em? Cos I don't.

OttoOxo OttoOxo
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6 Responses Oct 31, 2007

Friends are nonexistent.

I have spent so many years alone in school & then over the road, that most of the time, I do not even like being around my husband. I have found that I am comfortable around him or his family after a couple of shots of Rum, but nothing else makes me comfortable around other people.

Understandable. People like me more when I'm drunk. I guess it makes me nice. Whatever they can all go to hell.

Sometimes trusting self only makes the most sense.<br />
It is a different way to exist but practical if one cannot seem to find loyalty in associates.

I only trust one person. She would never hurt me like that on purpose but I know that she will hurt me, everybody hurts you once in a while, you just got to find te people worth suffering for.

I can definitely relate. Nothing worse than having friends you really dislike, and then have to spend so much time with some going insane pretending to enjoy there interests.<br />

this is what people do , not all but some, there hard to fine loyal people , but theres hope, i always say loya and respect never ends with me , there others out here that has it, just have to live a lil more to find it