Better Off This Way

i dont sit around complaining how lonely i am. i just dnot trust too many people. im not lonely, i have cats. i dont run people off with stupidity. i prefer my own company. i have a few friends but i choose to do my own thing on my own time. cant stand that certain person who constantly ******* and complains how lonely they are and yet whenever someone shows interest in being a long term friend there such a jerk that people dont wanna stick around. gives em more power to complain how lonely they are. get over it. if you cant stand your own company why do you think anyone else would wanna stick around

ithinkYOUREparanoid ithinkYOUREparanoid
3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

i wouldnt talk to that jerk if someone paid me a million bucks. ep wont get rid of em. guess hes fakin them out too (money talks and bullshit walks). no one stays after he starts insulting them and belitteling them but he acts all sweet and talks about kitties and puppies and sappy movies. what a fake

yeah my friend got screwed royally by some fake on ep, so did about 5 others by the same fake. they all drop off and leave cuz they so hurt but i got back on. i aint gonna let some faker run me off. <br />
<br />
glad you like yerself too

I spend a lot of time alone. I like me. It makes me upset that people pity me because I live alone (Have cats to), have never had a long term relationship, people find it odd that I don't mind alone but I don't. After some of the people I have met here who I trusted took that trust and misused it I feel I am far better off alone. There is nothing wrong with liking yourself or your own company :)