Just Leave Me Alone, Just Stop Dogging Me Around

I am a loner who loves to be alone, :P


Sometimes I wonder if death would be better than life, thus the thought of suicide crosses my mind. I love to be alone but my family doesn't get that, they think its wrong that I cut everyone off, but why is it a problem if I am happier this way? My boyfriend on occasion  makes remarks like "you don't have friends"  but it doesn't bother me because I like being alone! I have a job and I interact with co workers but I don't talk about my personal life I keep conversations work related and short.  I don't try to make friends with the people that I work with. I am a friendly person and if I wanted to be friends with others I  could  but I am not a peoples person and I seriously don't like people in that way. My situation with people is kind of like a guy trying to figure out if they are gay by kissing a girl and then realizing that they're not attracted to women then they kiss a man and realize that they are turned on by men. I've had friends and best friends in the past, but over time I realized that I am better being alone and to myself. Is there anything wrong with that? To travel this world alone and not feel guilty because of this choice is what I wish for the most in life.


*Just leave me alone* by Michael Jackson (RIP)

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Lonelyangle, there is nothing wrong with a solitary life; even though our society would have us believe that all the crimes are committed by loners. There are just as many mal-adjusted and criminal minded social people; they just don’t get pointed out in the news like the solitary ones do. I will say that a solitary life is a hard life that many people can’t pull off. If you are able to learn to live and enjoy the company of others, it is a much easier life from what I can tell. It is also important to choose your friends well; it is so hard to find loyalty in today’s society. If you do find a loyal friend; don’t let them go!!!