Im A Loner

Im the person at school that has on "real" friends, meaning that there not true friends just people who I talk to.

I have one real good friend and just four people that I talk to. But it's just usually me by myself, or with the person  who is actually my friend. 

I left my first school because of drama with my ex best friend who now is my friend again. (weird i know) Then I left my second school because of the grades I had. Which now im at the school that a lot of people at my first school go to now. I've long since given up trying to talk to them for the fact that they don't really seem to keen on talkng to me.

I've always been a loner in grade school, then I got friends in middle school. Now I really don't care cause people are just tiresome and dramatic. 


Being a loner is like a curse you long for people to talk to and become your friend then you just really don't see the point in it if people are just gunna crap all over you.

What annoys me is that your having one of those days , and want to be left alone by everyone, everyone just seems to no that you dont want to be talked to and consently are talking to you. Or when you want to talk to someone and you try its like **** no one wants to talk.  

Sometimes keeping your mind sane isn't as easy at everyone thinks, and  thats when  your thoughts drift over to wondering just wondering what it would be like to be dead. 

I wish I had someone to talk to with things like this and not be judged on it. I do have a friend who seems like I can talk to him bout anything, but I don't know why I just can't. He's usually the one talking to me about all the crappy stuff. But sometimes on  really rare occasions I can open up to him only to shut myself out.

Sorry it kinda felt as if i had to vent there.


I dislike people. I dont like people, and yeah I have "trust" issues with people.

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we shall and we shall be the awesomest of friends

well thanx im glad i can find ppl that are like me

You sound just like me. Its funny, realy. Anyways, To be honest, being a loaner is the easiest way to go. I too long for people to reach out to me, but also, at the same time, I hate everyone. They start off all smiles and claim to be trust worthy. The second you turn your back, they are talkin about you like a dog. I have 2 friends that I open up too, But i hold some things back because of fear of how they will react. I dont trust people ether... thank god i found this site tho. Can vent and let out all my stress out without drawing attention to myself or anyone finding out, can confess to whatever i want because no one here knows who I am, HURRAY!!! ^_^<br />
<br />
back on topic, if you need someone to talk to who is non judgemental then you can talk to me if you like, Im not perfect but i will try. I have made some dumb decisions in my past and have some bad habits so atleast you would be talking to someone who is in no position to judge anyone. Have a nice day, take care. :)