Pretty Much Now!

It really wasn't my initial thought or idea to be an loner. I'm quite friendly and loved to meet new people. Maybe it's part fear or part bitterness... but I do no wish to be around others, as I once had. I do have my close-nit group of friends and acquaintances and that's pretty cool with me. I don't need a crowd, never did and never will. >_>

Hmm... I'm not sure if that means if I'm truly am a loner or not. But  I rather enjoy the company of one or to friends that I've known for a long while, rather than reaching out or making any new pals or such, at this point. And I am quite happy this way. ^_^

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

Oh, I understand, Vikky. ^_^<br />
I don't have any friends from my school years or childhood. But I have made a few friends in my adult years, a couple of them from this site... and one very close best friend! I am happy with chatting with them and you also, only. I use to be the "social butterfly" before... but not so much anymore. =p<br />
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But, you know, I like this change! It's nice to know who is for real, around me, and who is just playing. And it's much harder (SO MUCH HARDER!!!) to figure that out, when you have a whole large crowd around you. Or so, that's my experience in it, anyways. ^_^<br />
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And yep, you're not alone. I don't think anyone is really alone, in the world. Even the loners. ^_-