A Loner

I am the type that enjoys being by myself...as far to many ppl are judgemental, they don't really care about you, or what you have to say... they either play games with your head or want to hurt you in some twisted way.... I try not to allow myself to get close to anyone as its usually very hard for me to trust in anything they say... if you like me than you can accept who I am and not try to change me or my way of thiking.... I have been burnt so many times that now its just me mostly...but at least this way NOBODY CAN HURT ME IF I DON'T LET THEM IN MY HEART OR MY LIFE....call me crazy if you wish that is your opinion..NOT MINE...ITS CALLED BEING SAFE!!!

aussie696 aussie696
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Ayankee you are a dear sweet friend.... tnxs for all your support! Hugs♥

I don't think your crazy..just smart..(smiles)!

GIGGLE...tell me about it...at least our pets don't talk back and care always:)