A Fun Actress

  I had seen her in a few movies (I enjoy B-movies,) but never knew who she was. Then one night I was looking at some of the different webcam sites that I go to and saw that their was a woman broadcasting on one of them. I clicked and went into her room. There were a number of people in the room, and she surprised me by welcoming me into the room. She then said a few things about herself and that she is an actress, so I opened another tab on by browser and did a quick search. Ahhhh, I have seen some of these films that she has been in. I rememebered her, and recalled that she is a really good actress.

 I have met many famous people in my life from Presidents to TV and moive stars, and am even related to someone who became world famous. When I was still living at home, because of my father's job at the time, Jesse Owens would come an visit my family every year. Lorielle is a great person that I am glad that I have gotten to know in a small way.

RedDwarf RedDwarf
51-55, M
Mar 28, 2009