I'm Not Only A Loser, But An Old Loser!

You young twits!  You have all the time in the world to work on yourselves and get over whatever qualities make you think you're losers!  Before the age of fifty (that's FIFTY 50) there's no possibiility that you can be an IRRETRIEVABLE LOSER.  There IS always hope!  There ARE ways to change!  It's only when you've arrived at MY age that one can say "I'm REALLY a Loser!"  You want to know what a REAL loser is?  It's a guy who's spent his life arsing around in a marginal job in a niche profession, who married a woman who can't contribute, who saves up OH SO LITTLE because that's all he can afford, and who LOSES IT ALL, ALL, in the recession and is trying at the age of 65 to make some kind of life for himself and his dysfunctional wife!  TRY THAT ON FOR SIZE!  If I were your age, either I'd get some kind of help or determine on my own what my priorities are, how to achiever them, what not to engage in in the meanwhile (like marriage) and then WORK MY *** OFF to achieve some position in life.  AND YOU HAVE TIME TO DO IT!  If you don't believe so, or if you believe that it's impossible, get professional help.  It's not a guarantee, to be sure, but it's the only thing available if you're not willing to go it alone.  AND DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE!


Zotz123 Zotz123
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3 Responses Apr 26, 2010

you know, some of you shouldn't complain so much.<br />
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some people out there just wish they had eyes to do anything, even work a ****** azz job

I am a 42 year old loser and this helped. You should be grateful for your wife. I lost mine due to meth addiction. And whats the worst. I live in Texas because it's the only place I could get a job. How's that for misery.

Life isn't any better then,you have lots of regrets.Money isn't everything i know,but it helps i dont have much to show for my life.It would be good if i was healthy,but i still count my blessings for what i have achieved which is a lot more than some have.