Ramblings Of A Loser

I don't believe that the world is really divided into simple categories like losers and winners. But it seems like many people do, and in many people's minds I am sure I must seem like a big idiot loser. And sometimes I let it get to me. It does hurt..and hey, there are valid things that can be said against myself, things which I won't deny but have not been able to rectify. God, if there was just a magic pill to turn someone into a "winner" I would swallow it down without hesitation.. I am almost 25, have no relationship (I've ran away from commitment many times), never had a good and lasting job, never made any serious amount of money, haven't finished college though I've been at it for a loong time. I really don't want to get into thinking about what caused me to become an unambitious skeptical depressed person, because I've done that and it doesn't help. I just want to change. I want to be happy, of course, like anyone. I want to find love. I want to be a good person. But there is a nagging voice inside that tells me none of that is possible. That I am destined to be a loser, alone and despised. Yes, I have friends and family. But if I let this go on for too long I will alienate everyone. I put in effort to make changes in my thinking but I can never seem to get rid of these negative thoughts and feelings that keep me down..Anyway, I hope everyone out there has a good new year and finds hope and positive change.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2012

everyone has that one point in their life when they feel like a loser. the way i get over it is being either completely oblivious or not even letting other people know that they are even there.

you are not a loser,you are missplaced,,you need to find the path to being a young happy person,sometimes that means to reevaluate your life. you know whats working for you,and sometimes you have to make changes.you said god, so always be grateful to god for what you do have, and pray to find the path that will find you happines and love..good luck....