I Am A Looser

I am 28, have no job, never had, because nobody wants to employ me on any work. I am married but feel undesirable, my marriage is monotonous as my life generally, I feel useless, I feel like a real looser.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

You're pretty damn lucky to be married in your situation, honestly. I can't even get a date.

Just try. It's never to late to try. You are your own worst enemy. So if you just sit there all day doing nothing, then nothing is going to get done. Do something, anything to make yourself feel useful, no matter how small it is then take it from there. Set a goal and accomplish it. I've felt like a loser in my life some times, most especially when I see acquaintances around my age who have surpassed me. But then I think each is it's own. They've got their accomplishments now its time to work on mine, and another day, means another chance. Good luck.

Dear Rogue56 you are absolutely right, progressive acquaintances of my age around me aggravate im the feeling of being loser:( and I can do nothing with this feeling of being useless.
but you are right I've to set goals and accomplish them, new day means new chance:)
Thank you for your support, you really helped me much:)