Damned If You Do...

I've always been a troublemaker at work. I rebel easily against authority figures, so orders and such are quite irrelevant to me. Until such time as they come back to bite me in the ***, that is. Then I get depressed, chastise myself and say "why the heck did U do that?". So, in my workplace, whenever something got stolen, broken, changed, papers glued to the message board in a "fightin' the system and the bosses" way showed up, I was the one. Needless to say, I got my *** handed to me a billion times in the boss' office. Until such a time as I got fed up, and I quit doing it all. New stance: get your work done the best U can, don't make waves and get out, tomorrow start over. However, my reputation as a hell-raiser had grown to such heights that anything anyone ever done anonymously, i was the one who got blamed. No matter what I did to convince my bosses otherwise, I guess I had cried WOLF to many times. In fact, many of my workmates did stuff like that because they knew they would never be caught, I was, and still am, the one who got blamed for the thing.

OK, explanation flashback over. Story begins now.

The chief of staff in the company I work in sleeps in his office is his work hours. Instead of working. This generated a lot of hatred among my peers and no sooner thought than done, someone created a blog on the Net where this situation is mocked upon, without saying names. No need. Everyone knows who the sleeper is. The author didn't sign. So I get called up to my boss' office where he asks me if I did it. I said no, which is the truth. I do know who did it, but I'm not a snitch. he looks at me saying OK, but I see in his eyes that he does not believe me. A year later, another blog appears about the same subject, but made in verse. Verse, you see, was my trade mark. This kind - Comedy verse. I get called up again, and this time my boss calls me STUPID. I claim innocence again but ask him  what's the worst case scenario. I may be suspended, says he, if there's proof. So I contact the author and ask gently to erase the blog because I might get blamed for it. No go. I go to my own blog, where I know many people from my work go to read my stuff and write a big post saying I didn't do it but I know who did it. I also made it in a way that the author's name is there in a subliminal message. Anyone with a brain can see it, although it's not that evident. Well, many comments, anonymous, appear, calling me everything from a snitch to some things too x-rated to be written here.

So the dilemma's this...if I tell my boss who it is, I'm the worst kind of colleague there is...SNITCH...if I do not, Im liable to be suspended.

The author does not talk to me at all unless I apologize in my blog, and I did the next best thing to ease my mind: I talked to the chief of staff and swore my innocence to him on the verge of, swear to God, tears. He listens, does not give an opinion and that's it.

What do U guys think? Can anyone out there help me? Should I just forget it, stop worrying and get on with it?

numisiro numisiro
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Rat the guy out. If he wants to take advantage of you, you should set him straight by revealing his twisted scheme to your boss. If you succeed, you may be seen in a new light... if you fail, you would've lost your job anyway, right? At least you tried to do the right thing instead of giving up.

I suggest you start looking for another job. When the next company asks why you're leaving say there's too much office politics and games and you don't want to be a part of it, you just want to do your job.

Numisoro .... I'm an retired H.R. Manager.... remember? Unless your boss can prove, not only that you wrote the blog, but that you did it on company time .... he doesn't have a pot to **** in. You are entitled to freedom of speech ... he can't suspend or fire you for that. I know... YOU didn't even write it .... still ..... I'm just trying to be clear about what's happened. Now, if it was written on company time/ company computer .... well, that's another story. Still, he'd have to prove you did it ... and you didn't.... so, don't worry about it. About the worst he can do is hire an attorney to go after you (outside the company) for slander .... and I don't think his name is even mentioned in the blog.... so ... that's a no go either.<br />
<br />
If he gets out of hand with it, go to your H.R. Office and talk to them about it. If you don't have a good H.R. Office .... (you don't trust them) ... then just wait him out and keep telling him you're innocent. If he keeps pressing it, submit a letter to YOUR own personnel file saying what you've been accused of and stating your innocence. <br />
Also, if he doesn't stop harassing you about something he can't prove (or, something covered under freedom of speech anyway), go above his head and report harassment. You don't have to put up with this. <br />
<br />
Now .... if I don't have all the facts here .... well, my opinion my be altered .... or, if the person who did it, did it at work or on company computer.... well... in that case, the IT Dept. should be able to tell this guy all he needs anyway.<br />
Good luck.