I Am Not Like What They Think!!

i'm not like what they think..
yeah..i'm one of the first three on the clas, and they still say that i'm a loser
every time i hear this word, it breaks my heart and breaks my dreams too
i'm realy ill of that people,who can even understand my dreams and what's inside me is to be the one, but they just don't care..

my friends,every time they see me they call me a loser..but they will see, i will not give up again,and i'll show them who i am...

i tried to do not listen to them, but what can i do?? thair words are haunting my dreams,they broked my first dream, but i will fight untill the end..and i will NOT bow, i will not break....

I am only traying to proove that there's nothing imposible in this life, we can makeany thing we want, if we REALY wanted it...

thaaaanks for reading my friends>>
wildsta3 wildsta3
13-15, F
Jul 28, 2012