Thou Shalt Not Trust

Trust is like a mountain. We conquer it slowly and with time and a little effort. A person like me, of unstable personality and, believing in the majority, crazy, it's rare to have the people's complete trust. In my presence, it is apparent, but I later find out that is not so, behind my back they call me anything but "saint". Mainly moron, freak, lame and stupid. That, among other things, is why I choose not to trust anyone. It's safer.

Partly due to that, nothing shocks me. Nothing...but the following.

I have know her for over 10 years. We are married 5 years. And yet, my wife does not trust me. Sad. Schocking. Depressing. But, as I'm always expecting something bad to happen to me, this is just one more. I've never denied that woman anything. Even if I don't like it, I do everything she asks of me. I hear her problems, stories, thoughts and I advise her the best I know.

And this is how she pays me.

What kind of person I am, if not even my own wife trusts me?

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3 Responses Jul 5, 2008

Hey man, I have great respect for you and the trials of life that you have endured. I agree with the others don't put yourself down. Your a good man with a lot of heart, believe in yourself and even though it is difficult stay positive in your self. We all have a cross to carry in life and sometimes it seem more than we can handle but God is always with us. Try to turn your fate around by thinking positive, its like the law of attraction it proves to be true --- When you set a positive thought into motion it goes and grabs another positive thought and brings that good thing back to you but when you think of a negative thought that thought goes out and brings ten negative thoughts back to you. The trick is to stop those negative thoughts and change it to a positive thought. As for your wife -- communication, its difficult at times but this can clear up so many issues if you communicate honestly and openly. Be open minded and look for the positives in each other rather than the negatives. I will pray for you also. God Bless and Take Care!

Maybe it's time for you to really think who you are. What you think is important,what matters to you. If you do this and slowly let the others around you know this,maybe they'll have more respect for you. Just because you like different things does not-in any way-make you a loser. You keep saying that you are.Stop it! If you accept that label,od course other people will too. Be you-little by little and others will see slowly that you're not a joke. You have to start believing you're not too.You seem like such a nice guy.It'ssuch a shame you have so little self-worth.Start building it up. In time,what others think about you won't really matter that much.I'll say a prayer for you that you can do this.

Perhaps she does not trust you because of her own insecurities..<br />
or<br />
you have broken her trust too many times.<br />
There are two sides to every story.<br />
{people see the world from their own perspective}<br />
What kind of trust issues are you talking about?