I have some friends but I rarely go out. I spend most weekends by myself and it's kinda depressing. I guess I am saving money that way but I practically have no social life. I am single and keep trying to meet people online but it doesn't work. I am pretty much in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way. A guy younger than me who lives at home. I am 36 and should not be interested in this guy. We work together and have slept together several times and I wish it were more. I kinda asked him to do something with me yesterday and he said he would get back to me to let me know i he would be free that day. I am so used to rejection that I should be numb to it by now but it makes me feel bad to know that I am nothing more than a piece of a** to him. I am alone and I am a loser. I have always been and always will be. :(
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tomorrow you will be a wiiner if you don't trip yourself!!!!!

I know the feeling. I wish I had more of a life too. Do you stay home by choice, or is it because you don't get more invitations?

I guess most of the time it's a choice. There are some weekends I don't talk to anyone and it's kinda sad. I feel invisible sometimes. Thank you for understanding.