Black Monday (tb Passed Away)

i came to work this morning and i opened the door and saw to my horror tb (stray kitten whom i found in the toilet) has lied motionless and spiritless.

i wail with deep sadness. i said buddhist chant for forgiveness in my karma for my carelessness. i slowly picked tb up and put him in his box and drove to spca for advice on kitty burial.

i was so sad the whole day because i know it is my fault. i did not do enough to protect him from diseases and mites. because i did not want to spend the money. i am so selfish.

to make matters worse; i had sprayed tb's box and blanket with mosquito spray to get rid of the mites but i did not air it enough to get rid of the poison from the spray. how could i be so reckless and stupid?

now tb is gone. and i miss him. tb was abandoned by his mommy and left in my toilet to fend for himself. i found him and i gave him milk and water and a small box. he was affectionate and adorable. all this while i hate cats but tb will be special to me. he was so obedient and smart and has no bad temper. i let him down because i did not do my best to take care of him. how could i be so cruel? this is my regret.

i accept tb would never come back and i will always miss him. i deserve whatever karmic punishment for my selfish and cruel act. i will never forget tb
oldasianlady oldasianlady
Dec 3, 2012