I Am A Loser Yay

Hey everyone you know i am a **** , a loser, just a week ago i had everything, and now nothing i am a total waste on Earth, it's all because of me

I am not a good student, i never got good grades so i convinced myself that i am not a good student and somehow i am okay with that

 i am not a good daughter my mom she is always worried about me because i don't know how to cook she wants me to be perfect but mom why don't you understand me i am a loser i can't be perfect never ever i will always be a loser

i am not a good friend no one likes me i know this and now i am accepting this

I'm good at one thing only and that is yelling, i yell so much  i yelled at my friends, my own family members and recently i yelled on my cousin  brother last night i don't want to yell but i don't know what happen with me last night don't know how i lost my temper on him seriously i hate myself now 

anyways i was talking how big loser i am, you know peoples come in my life, and they pretend like they like me, make me smile a lot and then left me yes it happens with me always and i don't know how to fix it  

There is nothing good in me i don't know how to make others smile and happy i don't know how to deal with my loserness i just don't know why god made me, why he make me so impatient, why he make me so alone, why he don't want me to be happy, why he hate me so much, why i am a loser,why no one can understand me, why i m so upset with everyone why?

I am not good enough i am a loser and will be always a loser i wish god make me able to deal with it anyways this is me can't change it um one more thing please people don't show me pity i don't need it 

                                                         X I am a loser X
Slowlifee Slowlifee
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

We are who believe we are. Please believe in your self. Noting is impossible. Just try your best. Believe me you won't regret :)

um i know who i am and i do believe that i am a loser, i think nothing is possible for me and i am trying my ****** best for last 4 years nothing changed all i got is failure and hate