I Can't Make Friends.

I'm 21 and i've been living with my boyfriend for about a year now in a new city. I have not made one friend here. I thought it'd be a great idea to get a gym membership to make some friends with the same interest....I found girls constantly glaring at me and i heard a few girls talking bad about me...even though i didn't even look at them. So now i save money and work out at home :( My coworkers and I are aquainted but they are all 10 years or older than me. I don't really drink much and i am not a fan of bars or clubs. I would say i am an atypical 21 year old female. I and a huge animal person, i love sewing and knitting, i love to workout and eat healthy, and i'm not much of a drinker (I got it all out of my system when i was 18 and 19). I cannot find people my age that like those things....everyone my age loves to drink and eat out all the time and think sewing and knitting is for old ladies. Anyone have any ideas how i can make friends with similar interest without being creepy?
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I can totally understand you! I am 21, I moved to a completely new city with my boyfriend and I have similar "boring" hobbies.<br />
I like to read and do Origami, also I care very much for animals and the environment, but that is just not cool as a 21-year-old.<br />
Everytime (by that I mean each and every time!) I choose the vegetarian meal in the university canteen, my fellow students make fun of it. They say things like "You're not helping anyone with it","I so don't care about animal welfare" or "vegetarian food is disgusting". Somehow I am irritating to them.<br />
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Their weekends and holidays are spent drinking, making parties, traveling to another country and drinking there...<br />
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Some of them are really nice. But it is impossible to get to know them closer without joining their parties, because if you want to make friends, you have to spend time with them. But if all they do is partying, well...<br />
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I really don't know how to find the right people to make friends. I guess, for some of us, the world is just a little bit more lonely.<br />
But the worst conclusion you could draw is to say, that you are a loser. I am not saying this to make you feel better. I am only being logical. If you have interests that most of your age don't share, it is simply more difficult to find friends. And those girls who made fun of you cannot be taken seriously. Honestly, if people are in groups, they do things like that, even if they don't really have a problem with you.<br />
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I know, it is still difficult to have much self confidence, actually I am struggling with the same problems. But it is important to see things from an ob<x>jective perspective.<br />
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Have you thought about joining a knitting club or something? At least at my former university a club like that existed and the members certainly were no old ladies :)

First of all by being in a group called "I'm a Loser", you are going to feel like a loser. So don't say it or think it about yourself. Second, I am 38 and I hang out with people of any age, as long as they are decent and fun to be around (well adults, I mean - I don't hang out with children). One of my best friends is 21 but we have tons in common like baking (you know things that "old ladies" like ;)
Most of the time you tend to meet people at work, it's just easier. I don't really talk to people at the gym either, it's just weird