I Would Be Considered A Loser,...

I would be considered a loser, but i really don't care.  If that's what i am, then i'm proud of it.  It's better than being popular and not having true friends.
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there is no real thing that is called a loser. it is only a word that people say to bring you down. if that's all anyone can say to you, then they don't deserve to talk to you. so don't acknowledge them. become oblivious to any negativity. listen to your favorite song, and move on. one insignificant sentence recently took away one of my best friends. I've been looking through all of these posts that say that they hate thier life or that they are a loser or whatever, don't become so negative because of what someone says that you take your most precious thing away, life.

amen to that :)

You're so lucky that you can be proud. I am not popular, but I don't think I really have any true friends either. I hate being lonely, and I hate being a loser.

Sorry . . . i don't follow you how is that generalising ?? She's not being racist , the facts of life is just that kids can be cruel and they aree usually highly likely to be populur statured people in the school yard! they maake us all too believe in our insecurities and makee it almost a mission to tear each and everyone of the 'normal' statured people down! You can not tell me different it's how their "posseys" work..

Actually I beg to disagree as i think some people who are popular also have true friends, I know my daughter is like that and she is really happy with her friends and pretty and funny too.......ok she's lucky but I think your attitude is a bit negative - you generalise too much, don't you think? I mean I have never been popular but I have had one or two nice friends, but they disappeared when I got married, but I could confess to envying my sister's abitlity to have friends there for her due to her very sociable attitude but then she got divorced and had to bring 3 kids up on her own (with a little help from my parents - they were wonderfully supportive ........but she has lots of friends and they are nearly all terrific with her , which makes me a bit jealous at times, but I just think it's what you give is what you get and maybe she deserves more than me because she gives (at least to her friends!!) and I can like her and occassionally dislike her but she's my sister.<br />
I need inner peace more than anything else in this world, well apart from a million dollars ha ha!!!! <br />

Agreed! Who wants friends that don't see you as you are?