[Me] [equals] [loser]

I'm such a loser. It's kinda difficult to describe how.

I watch people from afar.. I make up imaginary names for them and create lives for them in my head. I also get very attached to these "people" in my head.

My [few, stress FEW!!!] friends deny my loser-dom. But, I know better. I am a loser to the core.
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just to add of above ^ ohh WTFudgicalss man youur none of the sort of a loser indivdual yess !! but not a loser no sir'ee :) queen of the stonee age aree you SERIALL YOUR one Hardcore duddde;;

i observee from afar yehh that's totally it hahah AWshumm i thought i was the only onee who did that andd then youu kind of dazee off and wonder of the many many possibilities of those person's lives.. andd if any of the sort couldd work it's way into youurs.. dreaming of a better but in comparison its just boring unscrupulous routine..

I've read your story, and believe me, when I say been there, done that, got the t-shirt. My advice to you is...test your so-called friends. Whenever they say "no you're not...", ask them "oh yeah? Why? Why am I not a loser?". Then you'll see if they mean it or not, if their answers sound valid or far-fectched.

I think i might feel the same way. Watching people from afar, and never quite being in the loop. I wouldnt say that I make up imaginary names and stories around them but i just dont have that kind of an imagination, i guess. <br />
<br />
How exactly do your FEW!!! friends deny your loserdom? are you like "Hey guys, I am a loser..." and they say "No youre not! cheer up" Because anytime you say that, you should expect people to react with "no your nooot!!"people cant be honest about something like that. Itll shake up the core of civilization too much.