I Live With Mom

Hi guys, I'm a 24 year old LOSER who lives with his mom. I dropped out of school when I was 16, promptly earned my GED then sat on my nuts playing video games until I was 18.

I went to work in the oilfield as a roughneck on drilling rigs, this was bad *** because I was making about 40k per year, I had no debts, no real responsibility at all. There were so many companies drilling wells that you could literally walk off one companies drilling rig, and within an hour be working for another.

I never knew how to manage my money, I never saved a cent, and I still dont know what the hell I did with all my paychecks. I never managed to go too far in my roughnecking career, I was always afraid to advance, because it's one of the most dangerous jobs you can have. I've NEARLY maimed/killed people more times than I want to think about. I wanted as little responsibility as possible.

Things were easy, so I just kept hopping from rig to rig. Now most of the rigs are gone, nobody is hiring.

I had a new car that my mom and her husband helped me get, because I had no credit. I had this for about a year, as soon as I lose my job and cant make the payments my mom and her husband take it from me. She now uses it to drive to work.

I was living with a good buddy of mine, we were splitting rent, but he too lost his job, so I had go stay with my mom. My mom lives 25 miles from the nearest town.

I don't know what to do, I've got no transportation, there are no jobs out here, other than feeding me and giving me a place to sleep I wont get much help from my mom either.

I do nothing but play video games and watch TV all day, i've gained a massive ammount of weight, and I feel like ****. I have no friends, which isnt really a huge problem, but i've become so ******* bored with myself I can't stand it. I'm constantly reading, listening to music or watching television, anything to keep my mind in some kind of fantasy world so I dont have to think about whats happened to me.


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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

well i know how to be a mature self sufficant adult i just don't have the means <br />
<br />
i did everything i knew to do and did it right <br />
<br />
you made what everyone considers bad choices and yet we are both in pretty much the same boat

You're right tulick, success is hugely luck based. Had I been lucky I would not have been educated by a bunch of small town simpletons with no idea how to relate to kids with real issues. Had I had the right adult figure I might have stayed in school and learned how to be a self sufficient, intelligent mature adult.<br />
I don't know how much randomness there is in genetics, but bad genes could also be a reason why I'm so apt to fail. I don't think anyone decides to be defective, it just happens to some people, and I think we have so little control of or lives and our selves that most of it is left to luck.

hey don't feel bad i did the whole say in school thing got a highschool diploma took advantage of a chance to go to college got the degree i wanted in hopes of persuiing not only my dream but literally trying to make money at the only thing i was good at- writing <br />
<br />
well because the morons who paid for my education were more clueless than i was and didn't do their jobs to educate themselves or make sure their client knew what they needed to do along w/ the education i have no career and no job <br />
<br />
to make matters worse i am not phsyically able to work fast food retail and all that <br />
<br />
so either way it seem like success depends more on luck than anything else