Literally right now. All but 1 of my ep friends are gone... What's wrong with me :/
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4 Responses Aug 15, 2014

There is nothing wrong with you. All those friends that are gone are missing out on talking to a nice person.

There are a lot more ppl here waiting for u to be frens with them. So don worry

Who needs friends anyway?

What's going on?

Oh posh. You wouldn't have said anything if there was "Nothing" wrong. You can pm me if you want to talk.

Hey come on you're not a loser 😵

Haha if only that was what I was doing 😲

Hey if that's what you want. I'm not trying to be weird. I just run to the aide of people who are sad..

Well thank you for being calm about it. Remember what I said before? I just want to assure you that you have somewhere to turn.

I'm assuming this is why people stop chatting with you. I've seen you do this on another post of yours to someone else. You seem to be quite a rude person.

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