Again and again I face crippling depression ugly no gf no life
dphillabaum dphillabaum
22-25, M
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You are attractive and bright and I'm not your mother. If you knew the truth of what people actually thought of you, you'd be embarrassed ( in a good way ). I hope someday you will see how wonderful you really are...

Heya bud, read some of my posts on my depression, I am going through the same, however, my outlook on depression is different from the usual take on it. If you take time out to contemplate on it you may find the key to unlocking your depression and freeing you to enjoy life again. I know how you feel and because of that I know that you won't want to listen to other peoples views or opinions but I will say don't get yourself down and when you have a good day, focus on thinking about what you want from life and when you figure out what's missing you'll feel a weight lift, like clouds parting in a storm. Keep your chin up bud. It's **** but the key is within your grasp.

Nicely said u get it

How can you expect anyone to love you and respect you dude, if you dont love and respect yourself.
Chin up fella 😁 , there really is hope all around us ☺️

You're only as good as you think you are. A girl will date a confident guy who's ugly as sin quicker than a Channing Tatum clone with with no self-esteem