I Am One Of The Living Dead

last week i went through my frien's pics on facebook, and i saw what being trully alive looks like. he has thousands of photos of party after party with all these gorgeous friends. i dont have pictures, as in why bother when theres no where u go and nothing of interest that u do. i move in a straight line from, from home to skul and back again and thats it.

i want to be different, to do things, go places and take thousands of pictures in the sunshine but i am stuck. there is school work, lack of money and fear. am so afraid of life out there and the people-what do i say to these people? how do i make boring self interesing in there eyes?

anyway i am basicly  lifeless- a walking, talking cadaver.

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18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

so you've identified your obstacles as school work, lack of money and fear. now you've just got to turn the obstacles into opportunities.<br />
your school work can help develop your interests when you find the subjects that strike a chord with you. maybe english inspires writing, art inspires a hobby or future career interest, geography inspires an interest in landforms or history inspires an interest in the past of other countries.<br />
lack of money brings you the opportunity of testing your imagination. a million and one things you can do without money, all sorts of free community groups out there, take walks in the natural world, visit a local library, maybe it even inspires an interest in gardening as you grow your own produce (sorry i'm of a different age group so probably not coming up with things that inspiring to you! but trust me there's still heaps for any age group, just got to search:) focus on what brings you pleasure? dance, sport, photography, reading, learning, sharing great food, travel to a new place near or far, walking, cycling?<br />
you can use your fear to build your strength as you 'feel the fear and do it anyway'<br />
be someone you want to be with and the rest follows. if you find yourself interesting, others will too. <br />
i know some people find parties exciting and the photos cool but that's probably one of my least favourite things to do as i'd probably choose a night with a few close friends, chatting over some shared interest as more appealing.