What Is Life?

 I am a 25 year old student, who spent 5 years traveling the world and having all these big adventures and meeting new people. Now I am a loser because I am living back with my Rents to save money while paying for my own school. I am a pretty big loser because I don't really know what path to take. My friends are getting married, having kids and they look at me like I am a loser for not having things they do. I am a big loser.  


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Life is a journey it should be spent having fun and living a long fun life until you are truly read to to settle down. I don't consider you a loser...I would give a breast to be able to travel around the world. Sometimes I don't understand why people these days are getting married so young. What are they so afraid of? Being alone? Some people do find love early on but getting married young can prevent lots of things happening. It's almost like shortening ones life. But what do I know. <br />
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You're doing the right thing by staying with your rents while you get your own money for school. It would be worse if you lived home with your parents and your parents just handed you the money for school. You are actually working for your things and not being spoiled brat about it.<br />
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It seems like your trying to change your current situation but you're just caught up in the transition of it and the negative emotions that come along with a transition into a change. Change is great if it's positive but the road to it isn't going to be smooth darling. Just hold it out keep doing what you're doing so your situation changes and you get where you need to be. Try to decide in the mean time what you want to do. You're trying to find your path and that isn't being a loser. Everyone has to do that at some point in life.

I really empathize with you but I can't feel sorry for you, you are already doing a great job of that I'm afraid. I care like the others but I also think people need a dose of tough love once in a while.<br />
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If you really want to be like them and they are nice enough to make you feel bad then yes you are a big failure for not adhering to their conformity. Life is full of losers like you who make themselves losers because they can't seem to step out of the beaten paths, sorry if that sounds harsh but I will not stand people who sabotage their happiness.<br />
If needed, look for career decision-making services, take personality tests, find yourself for who you are instead of finding it in others.

Don't worry. First off, I see you are a Mentos kid. Second, being an older student usually means being a better student. Third, what does it matter if your friends are getting married and having kids? Those are not competitions.<br />
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As for your path, only you can figure that out.<br />
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And just in case, if you are in a competition with your friends, about the time you finish school is about the time the first ones of them will be getting divorces. But you don't have to look at them as if they are losers. You can just grin at them as if they are big, stupid losers.

Darling, you should not compare yourself to your friends. You have spent years of your life exploring things your friends have never dreamed of. You're working on your life, and accomplishing your goals. Your friends should understand your financial issues, it takes money to travel, it takes money to pay for school. living with your parents just helps a bit. You are in no way a loser honey.