I Am A Loser

 I still live with my father and have since forever, without him and his financial support, I would starve in the street because I am a coward.

I have never had a girlfriend and I have to sleep with hookers all my life, but get this, I never come with them because I can only come alone. 

I have suffered with depression since becoming a teen, I think it is my brains way of objecting to the thought of becoming a man.  I worry about dying all the time, as I write this I think that another medical emergency will  take my life, like I thought it would last month. I scan the internet for illnesses to have. I am neurotic.


My old school friends, who like most of my family, I have not kept in contact with. I have just looked them up on facebook, they all look so happy and successful, friends who I considered were losers, I thought I was better then at school, they look like winners to me now.  I am the loser. People talk about positive thinking, yes! YES! I CAN DO IT! But what happens when you can’t, when you are not talented, or brave, or good looking,  or more importantly successful.  Pick any man, he’s likely better then me.


(Ps. I  don’t have any friends and I spend all my time alone)

31-35, M
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Was going to offer some supportive words, but it sounds like you really are a loser, well done.<br />
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^ ^<br />
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